Dr. Glenn Livingston's Research and Previous Work Was Covered In:
ATTENTION ENTREPRENEURS: If You're Sick and Tired of Watching Less Talented People Build Hugely Profitable Businesses Without Risking a Dime-Just Because of WHO They Know-You'll Be Absolutely Thrilled with this Comprehensive, Step by Step Guide:
Four Successful Business Owners Reveal the Evergreen Joint Venture Principles They Use to Quickly Add Buyers to Their Lists—and Cash to Their Bank Accounts!—Year After Year...With
Absolutely NO Financial Risk!
(And the Best Part Is, You Can Use These Tested and Proven JV Principles to Build YOUR Business Even If You're Unknown in Your Industry, Have NO List, and Don't Have Enough Money to Buy a Cheeseburger at McDonalds)
"Glenn Livingston created a six figure affiliate based revenue stream for me. I love Glenn probably almost as much as his wife, Sharon and maybe a little more than his dog. [...] Thanks Glenn and I really mean it man. You've done more for me than you'll ever know. Thank you."
- Travis Giggy, San Francisco
DISCLAIMER: It would be unreasonable to assume just purchasing our product will create this income for you. On the other hand, given the extremely affordable price, overloaded value, and the wealth of knowledge and expertise which went into it, wouldn't you be risking more by trying to build a business using joint ventures without this guide? Keep reading to see why you've probably been thinking about Joint Ventures the wrong way, and for more incontrovertible PROOF of the power of this frequently misused, misunderstood, and mismanaged marketing channel!...
By Glenn Livingston, Ph.D.
 I may be the world's most introverted "guru".

I'd MUCH rather be alone in the woods than socialize at a party.

And-unless I'm a featured speaker-the thought of going to seminars, mixers, and other networking events make me cringe.

So my FIRST preference for lucrative work is to sit behind my computer creating products, writing copy, running advertising tests, and watching the money roll in. In fact, I've earned a tremendous amount doing just that.

HOWEVER-despite my highly introverted tendencies-a BIG part of my ongoing success actually comes from a unique set of joint ventures I've relied upon year after year. In fact, there's NO way I'd be where I am today without these critical deals:

But do you know what the BEST thing is about the list of JVs above, as compared to those I did in the past? Most of them are "Evergreen." They produce income year after year after year!
DISCLAIMER: Because of my unique background and experience, I'm required to inform you it would be unreasonable to assume purchasing our product will automatically create these exact same results for you. But since we're just barely charging for this 100%-money-back-guaranteed package, wouldn't you be risking more by jumping into the joint venture battlefield without this comprehensive guide?...

The Very Best Joint Ventures are "Evergreen!"
(They Provide Income for Years on End-Often on Autopilot)

Now, I have to admit it was PAINFUL-VERY PAINFUL!-developing the principles which help protect me from anything but lucrative, evergreen joint ventures.

As a matter of fact, making ANY money at all in joint ventures was frighteningly difficult the first few years I tried! See, I really am a very intelligent person (pardon my immodesty-and please don't tell my mom.) And I'm willing to study hard and do whatever it takes to accomplish my goals.

But NONE of the books, tapes, or courses I took came anywhere close to preparing me for the battlefield I encountered. There were key components and principles missing which I should NEVER have been making deals without.

And boy oh boy did I get slaughtered! Because in the early days, all you had to do was smile at me with a semi-decent business idea. I'd rush to form a corporation, make you a partner, and give you the lion's share of the deal.

But even when I DID start making money with JVs, I put WAY too much time and effort into "one and done" projects.

Sure, these were a great learning experience, and it felt wonderful to have some cash in my pocket when they were over. but in the end, I wasn't really BUILDING anything. And when you start to get older, you really can't keep screwing around with your career like a teenager. You NEED to build a business you can rely on.

I guess what I'm saying is, I learned these principles the HARD WAY, but you don't have to.

Because ever so slowly I started developing principles which screen for lucrative, enjoyable, EVERGREEN Joint Ventures to reliably send buyers-and cash!-year after year, often with NO additional work on my part!

And so now...

Meet Your Other Hosts

 Terry Dean started his online business from scratch in 1996. He went from delivering pizzas for a living to building a million dollar Internet business promoted primarily through the Internet. Within a few years he was also consulting with home based businesses, local companies, and million dollar corporations. His original company and websites were sold in 2004, and he founded MyMarketingCoach, LLC. which is dedicated to coaching entrepreneurs in the 10 key principles of success in business and life.
 Dan Gallapoo is a copywriter, coach, and multi-million dollar entrepreneur who trained (and actually lived with) legendary marketer Gary Halbert. Better known as "Doberman Dan" in the business world, Mr. Gallapoo specializes in health niches. His work has been featured in Muscle & Fitness, Natural Body Building and Fitness, Flex Magazine, Weekly World News, Men's Edge, and many more prestigious periodicals.
 Mister "X", our fourth expert-who prefers to remain anonymous in this letter-built a multi-million dollar business on mental health topics which nobody believed were marketable. But through the power of joint ventures he sold products and services in the millions of dollars and has 11,000 testimonials from happy customers!
I Can Show You How to Create Highly Profitable, Long-Lasting JV Relationships So You Can Build Your Business Faster, with Less Risk-AND-Virtually NO Money, Contacts, Salesmanship Skills ... Even with NO List!
I'll explain more about the zero salesmanship requirement in just a few minutes. But first, let's talk about why joint ventures are SO important for your business. Every business!

You see, joint ventures done right allow you to build your business much FASTER, with LESS Risk, and with ALMOST NO MONEY.

Moreover, even in a PAID advertising model, joint ventures can provide tremendous risk mitigation. In fact, without the regular, monthly income from evergreen joint ventures, I don't know if I'd ever have been comfortable taking the risks required to enter the brutally competitive market I'm in today. (For example, as I write this, I'm successfully building a coach training and certification academy, competing with famous names and companies with dozens of employees. You can't even get started testing something like that in paid advertising without $10,000 to $20,000 per month in ad-spend)

But to really drive home the point, I want you to understand how one of my own million dollar businesses was built entirely on joint ventures.
The Controversial Story:
How I Built One of My Primary Businesses Almost
Exclusively with Joint Ventures.
 It's true I've become known as the "Market Research Guy" who profitably entered 17 different niches with paid advertising (not JVs.) BUT ... what most people don't realize is when I wanted to TEACH my system to others, the ONLY way to successfully reach them was through joint ventures!

See, when it comes down to it, only a small percentage of business people are interested in marketing education. Only a small percentage of those people are interested in direct response. And only a small percentage of this tiny group want to learn how to research their markets better.

So teaching marketing research to direct response marketers was-and still is-a VERY specialized and difficult audience to reach!.

So I turned to joint ventures with seminar promoters. They'd already gathered large lists of business owners proven to spend money on direct response education.

These joint ventures helped me sell more than $1,000,000 of the very first research product I launched. (Later, the traffic I produced from joint ventures to the second evolution of this system-my "Hyper Responsive Marketing Club"-resulted in a six figure passive income for years on end!)

DISCLAIMER: There was a lot more than just these Joint Venture principles which went into selling $1,000,000 of product above and producing the passive income, so it would be unreasonable for you to assume the product for sale today will automatically produce the same results for you. HOWEVER, my partners and I really did lay bare our hard-won years of joint venture insights in this extremely affordable, 100% money back guaranteed package. So we think you'd be risking more by trying jumping into the joint venture battlefield without this comprehensive guide...

But there's more: I also relied heavily on my existing JV partners to produce high quality content for my club members, so I didn't have to do it all myself!

OK! Now that you know why JVs are so important, let's talk about the PRINCIPLES you'll need to apply to take your business to the next level.

Eight Principles
You Must Understand In Order to Create Profitable,
Long Term Joint Ventures .
  1. Select the right joint venture type for the right deal and use it at the right time in your business. (There are ten joint venture types in total, and each one serves a very different purpose).
  2. How to find suitable JV partners.
  3. How to approach them for a respectful and enthusiastic reply.
  4. How to get your partners to trust and appreciate you.
  5. How to pitch your JV deal.
  6. The standard terms, profit splits, conditions and exit clauses in a JV deal.
  7. How to put it all together and launch a successful campaign.
  8. How to make one-time JV deals into 'Evergreen' fountains which produce leads and income continuously.
Ready? Let's begin...
Joint Venture Types and
When to Use Each One
List Building Joint Ventures
 Don't have a product or a list yet? You can build your list quickly and establish valuable connections with thought leaders in your market with these techniques.
  1. The 'Content Sharing' Joint Venture - Three 'Under the radar' ways to produce content a partner can't resist sharing with his audience. (Plus, how to approach and pitch these "Deals").
  2. The 'Ethical Bribe Promotion Swap' - How to leverage your most valuable 'Freebie' into a monstrous list building asset. But be warned - do this with the wrong partner and you'll lose 99% of your credibility...
  3. The Teleseminar Joint Venture - Why professional marketers almost never spend a lot of time preparing for a teleseminar. (And how to use their techniques to easily put together an entertaining and informative session with high profile JV partners that can add hundreds of subscribers to your list).
  4. The 'Top Newsletter' Joint Venture - The TRUTH about 'Top X Lists' and why these techniques almost never work unless you let go of your ego and let your biggest JV partner take the credit for creating the list.
  5. The Amazing 'Co-Op Advertising' Joint Venture - How to get JV partners to FULLY finance your list building PPC campaigns! (By leveraging your advertising skills in this way, you can effectively grow your list ever larger for FREE!).
    Product Promotion Joint Ventures
    When you use the following Joint ventures techniques, you can substantially increase your conversion rate by harnessing the natural benefits of joint ventures- competitive vacuum, endorsement, prequalified buyers and lower risk:
  6. The "Exclusive Offer" JV - How to easily adapt your offer to a specific partner so the trust his clients and readers have for him extends to your offer...
  7. The 'Advertising Transition' Joint Venture: How to Deliver a 3-Step JV Knockout -achieve take rates of 80% or more on your approach + Get an endorsement from site/list owner + Get the lowest advertising rates in the market (which may eventually reduce to ZERO!)...
  8. The 'Zero Risk' Joint Venture - What you should do right out of the gate in order to see if a JV partner is a good fit for your product. If it generates income then you can both confidently take your partnership to the next level. (HINT: It requires practically no effort!).
  9. Other Type Of Joint Ventures
  10. The 'Corporate Sponsor' Joint Venture - What you need to do in order to get a corporate sponsor to pay the 'rent' while you build yourself an asset...
  11. Service Promotion Joint Ventures - How to find suitable partners and how to qualify prospects and grow in a controlled manner so the business won't be overwhelmed.
Your 'JV Landscape' -
How to Find Hundreds
of Suitable Partners
 There's something I need you to do before you read this particular list.

Break out of the 'I am not big enough' mindset! See, big list owners promote people you've never heard of every day.

Because it's not just about the size of your list or how long you've been in the market - it's mainly about how well you can educate and entertain their list (and how much money you can conceivably add to their bank account.)

So if you've got something unique to say-OR-if you can educate customers in your market in an effective or entertaining way ... then you can get the biggest partners in your market to JV with you.

And by using just two or three of the techniques below, you can create a list of powerful and relevant joint venture candidates in less than an hour:
  1. The 'JV Magic Number' - Discover how many potential partners you need to contact in order to make things happen. And how many you need to contact in order to really light up the scoreboard!...
  2. How to Find JV Partners FAST!!! - Your best JV partners might be hiding under your nose. Discover three types of people you already know who may be truly excellent JV partners for you...
  3. Power Affiliates - How to find partners with a list of proven buyers in your niche on affiliate networks.
  4. The "500,000+ Listers" - The one place you can find the heaviest hitters in your niche: List owners with literally 500,000+ subscribers who'll be eager to chat with you and learn about your project! (Even if you're completely unknown in the industry and have no list of your own!).
  5. Five Almost "Magical" Google Searches to find the most influential experts, gurus and thought leaders in your niche.
  6. WARNING: 99% of sales are produced by only ONE PERCENT of partners! Not all JV relationships have anywhere near the same value. But with our 'Partner Quality Score Sheet' you'll easily determine how valuable a prospective partner is and prioritize your efforts accordingly.
  7. The "Related Niche Partner" Goldmine - Why 'Players' in RELATED niches have less resistance to your offer (no direct competition + new idea to introduce to their list). Discover how to find these markets and the partnerships within them.
  8. The Demographic Secret: How to find partners who target the same people you do (and make sure they have a solid list).
  9. Beyond 'Email Lists' - How to find 'social media savvy' partners with 10,000s of followers by using a little known search feature in Facebook .
  10. Where to Find the Most Influential Blogs in Your Niche - Use this blog directory to find the biggest and most influential blogs.
  11. Little Known "Expert Database Sites" - These two sites contain tens of thousands of Experts, Book authors, Speakers and Bloggers looking to make a connection. With them you can easily find partners to create (and distribute) high quality products.
  12. The "Amazon Hunger Games" - Why trying to JV with "Best Selling" authors is like walking into an 800 pound Grizzly bear's cage with fish smeared on your clothes. BUT ... with one simple trick you can still use Amazon to find hungry experts and list owners who'll gladly JV with you!...

What Glenn's clients are saying

DISCLAIMER: It would be unreasonable to assume you'll get the same explosive growth as the clients on this page (and as we did ourselves) because of their/our unique backgrounds and resources. (Full disclosure statement). However, it CAN and does happen! And when you see how much value is packed into this-at such an incredibly low price-you'll probably agree you'd be risking a LOT more trying to build your business without us.
"Hi, Glenn! I hope you're well, and that it's a bit less hot in New Hampshire than it has been "down south" in Great Barrington.

I'm writing to tell you that I will be mailing you your payment for $500.00 tomorrow, and I wanted to give you some feedback based upon our consultation, and having to do with your fee.

I'm not sure if you're aware of it, but when we had our consultation you invited me to sort of try out your advice, and if I found it worthwhile, to consider paying you your consultation fee.

This was sort of a money-back guarantee in reverse, or something like that! Or, maybe like the Japanese, where you only pay your doctor if he cures you. Well, I've been "road-testing" your suggestions, following up on your leads, and reading your recommended reads.

I have to tell you, Glenn, that, based on how I have already improved my revenue stream, the ideas I have for Mike's business that will EASILY lead to 10's of thousands of extra dollars in increased business (not to mention repeat business from those customers), and the increased confidence I feel from having built my knowledge base, plus the money I have AVOIDED spending by recognizing the "pulls" of the social laws of reciprocity, etc., YOU ARE A BARGAIN!

You're definitely not charging enough, you can tell people I said so, and I'll pay you twice the price in the future when you help me again.

With my most sincere appreciation,
Jan Stefanacci, "The Coach's Coach"
Great Barrington, MA 01230
(413) 644-9827

"Glenn Livingston has one of the most thoroughly vetted market research and product rollout systems I've ever seen. The man has reduced marketing to a nearly exact science"

- Perry Marshall, Author "Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords" (Entrepreneur Press)

Here's What Terry Dean's Clients Are Saying...

DISCLAIMER: It would be unreasonable to assume you'll get the same explosive growth as the clients on this page (and as we did ourselves) because of their/our unique backgrounds and resources. (Full disclosure statement). However, it CAN and does happen! And when you see how much value is packed into this-at such an incredibly low price-you'll probably agree you'd be risking a LOT more trying to build your practice without us.
"Within 1 week of getting Terry's help and tweaking my website, I was able to start making sales and it virtually never stopped. Within 1 year of meeting Terry I was making more money than I ever dreamt. I now live a life that has been nothing short of wonderful. My wife, son and I live in Colorado as we enjoy the freedom of being able to work from any location. Best of all, my businesses are having huge positive effects on many people's lives."

Scott Palat/TutorFi.com

"With Terry's help, my business launched and grew to a six figure business within the first year. The next year it has almost doubled again in income. "

Dr. Michael Beck/DcPracticeTools.com

"I started working with Terry Dean as a coaching client in 2008, and since then I've gone from working 6 days a week and being stressed out to working only 3 days a week, with more free time while increasing my productivity.I spend half the year in North America and half the year in tropical paradises like Costa Rica."

Frederic Patenaude/FredericPatenaude.com

Here's What Doberman Dan's Clients Are Saying...

DISCLAIMER: It would be unreasonable to assume you'll get the same explosive growth as the clients on this page (and as we did ourselves) because of their/our unique backgrounds and resources. (Full disclosure statement). However, it CAN and does happen! And when you see how much value is packed into this-at such an incredibly low price-you'll probably agree you'd be risking a LOT more trying to build your practice without us.
"Dan, those punk phonies are so enchanted with their own aroma that they never deliver the goods. You, on the other hand, are the real deal. What's more, you actually CARE about your clients making a good living. One of my favorite things about you is that you find what is special about the client and their product, and polish it up to become a star. You're damn nurturing, for a manly man. It's wonderful."

Julie Brumlik - www.dremu.com

"You really went above & beyond the call of duty with your protégé program. I've paid triple what your program cost to another coaching program, and didn't get half the one-on-one interaction with the coach as I did with you. Dude you rock!"

Keith Goodrum - Pearl River, NY

How to Get Past the "I Don't Know
You" Barrier Without Begging
or Acting Like a Salesman
 Getting JV partners is a lot like asking a girl out on a date. If you walk up to her when she's surrounded by her girlfriends and ask."do.do.you want to be...be. my gi.rl friend" - she'll just giggle and walk away! (Especially if she's popular).

In this section you'll discover the techniques to prove to your prospective partner you're a trust-worthy, hard-working person they'll be LUCKY to promote!.
  1. The Easiest Way to Approach a Potential JV Partner and form a business relationship. (And the best part is, it works just as well for beginners as for the big 'Gurus').
  2. The Three Stages of "Trust Creation": If your pitch is all about the M.O.N.E.Y then you're S.C.R.E.W.E.D. Truth is, GOOD JV partners are much more interested in whether you respect them, their time, and whether you can add REAL VALUE to their tribe. Prove THAT-in that order-and you're in! (We'll show you how)
  3. How to Alienate Gurus and Kill Partnerships: These five extremely common rookie approaches will drive a stake through the heart of your partnership before it even gets started. (Once you understand WHY you'll want to smack yourself on the head with a spatula for even considering them. But please don't actually do that, it really hurts, and anyway you can make up for lost time and opportunities with the principles we'll teach you!).
  4. Don't Beg for JVs. (Ever!) Just make sure your product includes this one simple 'feature' and get them to beg YOU instead....
  5. Where to find DOZENS (if not HUNDREDS) of people who immediately trust you and believe in your mission. (And how to turn them into an army of affiliates!).
  6. The 'Big Partner Checklist' - The Five things you must do yesterday to avoid destroying your chances of partnering up with the BIG BOYS.
  7. The "Weird Pest" Technique for JVs: Being a pest is the old school, brute force way to get JVs which rarely works unless you know this simple-but-powerful twist!.
  8. The 'Certified/Lumpy Mail' + 'Bouncer Circumvention' Combo - More powerful than a fully armed Navy-Seals team, this combo can clear a path to even the most protected JV power player in your industry!..
  9. Don't Be a Flakey Facebook Freak! Discover three social media channels you can use to make first contact with your JV partner - and how to be sure they know you're a serious partner.
  10. Why Even Beginners Can Get One-On-One Time From Industry Leaders With This Unusual Approach. even with the smallest of lists and absolutely NO product. (You'll not only flatter them, you can easily get 30-60 minutes of their FULL attention, ample opportunity to pitch your offer, and something you can use to increase the price later on!).
  11. WARNING: THE CARDINAL EMAIL SIN: In your enthusiasm to explain and 'sell' your partner on the merits of your product, most beginners commit this 'cardinal email sin' which causes the best JV prospects to promptly ignore them! (Or worse - to let you know that (s)he can't work with you because (s)he is 'Busy').
Making the Pitch - How to Convince
Potential Partners to Promote Your
Offer and Send you Their Best Customers
 Now that you've got your partner's attention, you don't want to stay in the 'friend zone' for too long. In this section you'll discover how to quickly make your pitch so it has the maximum chance of being accepted:
  1. How to MAKE your partner see the true value of your proposal.
  2. The "No List Illusion": There are SEVEN things you can bring to the table which are MUCH more valuable than a big LIST. Get these 'JV Tools' under your belt so you can build a formidable network of partners...
  3. Why 'WIN-WIN' JV Pitches Almost Always FAIL MISERABLY! Every serious partner knows if everything works out well you'll both win. But he also knows that 95% of the time something will go horribly wrong and he'll lose face with his hard-won customers. See how to prepare your product, marketing materials, and JV pitch to pass their 'devil in the details' test with flying colors...
  4. The Amazing "Terry Dean" Secret Formula for Quickly Scripting JV Letters, Phone Calls, and Emails-complete with headlines, calls to action, and irresistible offers-to capture and hold the attention of powerful JV partners! (Overcome suspicion and quickly convince them you're offering a WIN/WIN situation, NOT just trying to siphon money off their list).
  5. The Sneaky "Two Stage Pitch": An unusual technique which can 10x the odds a power player will promote your offer.
  6. Make Your Product Worthy of a JV deal! Discover 3 ways to add value and increase the price of your offer to make it attractive to power players.
  7. Getting NO Response to Your JV Email Request is a BAD Thing - Right? Not necessarily! Lack of response might indicate a unique-and possibly very lucrative-opportunity. See what to do when your JV emails get the "silent treatment." (Brilliant advice from a 20-year JV veteran who systematically "closes" illusive deals his competitors don't even consider possible!).
  8. Better Than an 80% Commission! Focus on this one principle-used every day by professional networkers worldwide to increase the size and strength of their business network-and you can easily build a loyal network of JV partners.
  9. How to Cut Through the "Nine Circles of Bureaucratic Hell": Why even beginners can get a breakthrough deal with a Big Company when they know this. HINT: It's not about how big you are. it's about understanding how big companies work!
  10. The Truth About Nurturing Your Relationships With JV Partners: They don't have the time for hours and hours of conversation, and you don't either! Here's how to keep the relationship friendly and strong without eating up too much of your time.
  11. The "Paradoxical Promo" Secret: Convince power players to promote your product! (This ultra-weird, little-used, but incredibly effective technique is very counterintuitive, but that's exactly why it works so well!)...
  12. JV Techniques for Excruciatingly Boring People: How to score JV deals even if your personality is as dry as the Sahara desert and the last time you got a brilliant idea was during the Nixon presidency! (You'll also discover why trying to use your 'Winning Personality', 'Massive Creativity' and 'Wellspring of Ideas' to dazzle a partner will actually scare him more than meeting a growling, brain-eating zombie in a dark alley).
  13. WARNING: Making a JV offer when you are unprepared can waste a LOT of your time (especially if your partner says YES!) Discover specific steps to take BEFOREHAND to protect your time...
  14. The Disastrous "Let's Get Married (on the Second Date)" Pitch: After getting the first "Yes", most over-excited entrepreneurs spoil the pot by coming on WAY too strong. Find out what never to say to a partner during this crucial period (and how to gently move the relationship forward towards a more evergreen, lucrative deal).
  15. The easiest way to get free feedback (worth thousands!) from Gurus and experts in your market. And the best part is, this simple technique obliterates fear of rejection at the same time!
JV Deal Terms - Standard Agreements,
Product Pricing, Profit Splits and Exit Clauses
 The first part of this module will show you how to deal with the biggest problem of Joint ventures ... reciprocal mailing. ("If I promote you, then you've gotta promote me-even if my offer is really scummy-right?")
Reciprocal Mailings
  1. The Reciprocal Mailings 'Chinese Wall' Technique: How to be brutally honest when a partners' products are simply NOT up to your promotional standards but you still need them to promote YOU!
  2. How to Gracefully Deal With the Social Pressure when you're asked to mail for a previous promotional partner who's offer is truly terrible!
  3. Why simply 'returning the favor' and sending reciprocal emails for each JV partner who asks will leave you holding your nose every time you hit the send button. And how to use the 'product quality' and 'promotional scheduling' guideline to derail 90% of questionable promotions.
In this section, you'll also discover the main issues to carefully attend to when pitching and negotiating joint ventures. Here is just a short sample of the life-lessons you'll learn ...
Joint Venture Deal Terms
  1. The 'JV Negotiation Playbook': FOUR Negotiation tactics which will make even beginners look like PROs! See exactly how to determine the 'profit split' in almost any situation. (And when and how to do a 'revenue split' instead.) Discover the most typical market deals and terms BEFORE you negotiate. Rely on these guidelines and almost no-one can ever pull a fast one over you ... plus you'll have a much better chance of closing the deal!...
  2. How to Determine the Right Profit Split: Determine the most equitable profit-split according to what each party actually brings to the table ("Idea" "Product Development", "Marketing Development", "The List", etc).
  3. The Truth About 50/50 Profit Splits: They're NOT the only option, and they CAN be extremely unfair to one side! See when they DO they make sense, and in what situations you should go for 60/40, 70/30, 80/20. or even 100% deals
  4. The Six Crucial Keys for Managing 'JV Expenses': Be sure you know these most common types JV expenses, and understand how to agree on and split them before you commit! (You'll also discover a simple way to track expenses, and see which tasks you'll want to do yourself and which you'll be able to outsource ).
  5. How to Obliterate the "Payout Problem': Your Joint Venture might be generating cash faster than a senator generates backroom deals, yet you'll still struggle to pay the rent. See how to set clear expectations in advance to easily avoid this very common JV killer...
  6. The 'Ultimate Legal Maneuver': Applying this simple (yet almost never used) technique to your sales copy can sidestep most entrepreneur-suing-trolls. And the best thing is-unlike almost every other type of disclaimer-it actually ADDS credibility to your site! (DISCLAIMER: We're not actually attorneys so this isn't actually legal advice, just our considered business opinion. You'll have to consult a licensed attorney for legal advice applicable to your industry, location, and specific situation. That said, wouldn't you be risking more by NOT finding out what our incredibly-powerful-yet-almost-unheard-of maneuver actually is. especially when you consider the overall value of this package and the money back guarantee?)
  7. What Your Lawyer Will Never Tell You: There's NO 100% foolproof way to protect yourself against fraud. However, these three (non-legal) actions screen out the vast majority of dirty deals.
Ending Relationships and Exit Clauses
You'll also discover a ton of tested ways to avoid and/or extricate yourself from BAD joint venture relationships ... For example ...
  1. Why diving head first into a BIG Joint venture almost never works... And how you can use the "Baby Steps JVs" technique to spot problematic partners and opt-out of the relationship without long term damage or hard feelings!
  2. WARNING: There are only three truly valuable assets a partner can offer, and unless they are providing at least one, you should seriously consider paying for their service instead of partnering. (Hint: A big, responsive list is just one of the three. I learned this the hard way!).
  3. WARNING: 1000s of partnerships have died because of these deadly 'JV toxins': Bad work ethics, unrealistic expectations, and failure to cope with constructive criticism. Is your new partner infected by one of them? Use the 'Oprah Winfrey' test and find out before it's too late!...
  4. Why entering a joint venture where you do all the work is like getting punched in the gut - TWICE!! It'll hurt a lot to get it going, and it'll hurt even more if it fails!...
  5. THE 'RISK TOLERANCE' WARNING: Almost any project can bloom into a profitable venture if you're willing to put enough effort and time into it. But. a partner with even moderately different risk tolerance will jeopardize your entire mission...
Putting Together a Campaign
 A lot of marketers are so exhausted by the time they reach this final step they screw up the most important part (the actual campaign). In this part of the training you'll get the exact blueprint to make sure that you reap the rewards of your hard work:
  1. The 'Campaign Launch Checklist' - A step by step guide on how to prepare a powerful campaign you can use with all your affiliates
  2. How to Perform a 'Simulated launch' - Don't Make an Ass of Yourself! Use the ridiculously obvious-(but almost never used!)-'Simulated Launch' technique to find problems in your product/sales copy/emails BEFORE you push the button!...
  3. No More Getting Bogged Down by Details! Adopt this mindset and you should have more than enough time and energy to push the promotion out the door and reap the rewards, every time...
  4. The "Terry Dean" Secret to Beating Even the Very Best Long-Form Copywriters: A simple way to drive massive traffic from both your AND your partner's list.
  5. How to Delight and Surprise Your Partner by asking him one thing nobody ever asks but is 99% guaranteed to increase the conversion rate for his list! (Hint: It costs you nothing to implement).
  6. The three most important factors which determine the success of a Joint Venture are the List, A Quality Product and. a kick ass sales letter - right? Wrong! The 'last mile' of the launch accounts for up to 80% of sales. In fact some gurus sell crappy products with god-awful sales letters based solely on the strength of a stellar 'last mile'... we'll show you how to ensure you can carry the torch across the finish line, every time! (This is where MOST JV marketers fall down).
  7. Uh-Oh: Most beginners lose a ton of sales because they don't know how to pull the list owner's BEST endorsement (with the right words and emotion) for his or her particular list. But when you know this one simple technique, you can suck money out of their list faster than a Doberman devours a rib eye steak.
  8. WARNING: Insincere and Hyped-Up Claims Kill Joint Venture Campaigns Faster Than an NSA Black-Ops Sniper. Learn where, when, and how to eliminate every last drop of B.S. in everything you do so your JV partners-and their clients-experience you as authentic and mission driven! (Just to clarify - We do not endorse killing of any kind other than of hyped-up claims in your copy).
Use the Right Tracking Technology
 AAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!! JV ACCOUNTING! - Have you been putting off lucrative joint ventures because you just don't know how to keep the money straight without all the busy work?

Well, your nightmare is about to come to an end. Because we're going to reveal several easy-to-install-easy-to-operate tracking programs even your grandmother could use flawlessly .

In fact, use any one of these programs and you'll be able to finish all your 'JV accounting' in less than 30 minutes a month, even if you manage thousands of affiliates!

Here's what you'll discover in this section.
  1. Five of the Most Popular JV Tracking, Reporting and Payout Products: Use ANY of these easy-to-install-easy-to-operate programs and put your JV technology worries to bed!.
  2. How to Use the Built-In Tracking and "Mass Pay" Features to ensure everyone gets paid - On Time!!! (And the best part is, you can handle the whole thing in under 30 minutes/month, even when you've got literally thousands of affiliates to track and pay!).
  3. THE THREE CARDINAL RULES OF JV ACCOUNTING: One of the things partners appreciate most is sales tracking diligence. So show them you operate on a whole different level than any other partner they've ever worked with by: (1) Making their referral tracking your first priority; (2) Using advanced automation to inform them of every sale generated in real time; (3) Relying on the systems and routines we reveal to pay their commissions like clockwork (and with virtually perfect accuracy!) Make your partner happy to promote you, time after time!
  4. Planning to Launch a Membership Site? Discover the popular continuity system with a built-in affiliate tracking system.
  5. Where to Find a 'Dummy Proof' Affiliate Tracking System which doesn't cost a dime to set up.
  6. "Instant Payments" are the best way to attract new affiliates, right? Well ... it IS an attractive feature, but it also opens you up to affiliate fraud. And there's one type of affiliate you should never pay instantly...
  7. Why you should avoid expensive affiliate tracking programs as seriously as my Dad avoids giving me compliments! (Good affiliate tracking is a LOT cheaper than you might think, despite my self-esteem issues)...
  8. The Pros and Cons of using ClickBank as your affiliate tracking system.
Make Your Joint Ventures "Evergreen" So
They Can Produce Profits for Years on End
 Most marketers leave 90% of the money on the table by walking away after one successful promotion. But we'll show you SEVEN ways to turn a successful, one time promotion into a systematic 'evergreen' process!...

And one more thing ... the ROI on these activities is stratospheric. We're talking about activities which take only a few hours each year yet can produce $1000s, $10,000s or Millions (depending on your niche, your product and your partners), so buckle up, here we go!...
  1. The BIG 'Auto-Responder Question': The easiest way to convince a partner to add your promotion to his follow-up sequence. Listen to four industry experts describe how they built entire businesses by placing their promotional emails in their partners sequences.
  2. Why the 'Promotion Schedule' is actually the "Patron Saint" of Joint Ventures: Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy all rolled into one. See how taking just a few hours to set it up with each partner can yield unbelievably steady profits! (HINT: It's admittedly boring work, which is why your competitors are unlikely to do it. But once the checks start rolling in we guarantee you'll think these simple activities are better than sex and more fun than chocolate!)
  3. Three Easy Ways To Get Your Partner To Add Your Offer To Their Sales Funnel so every single new customer is automatically exposed when they're in the heat of buying with credit card in hand! (Plus, you'll see how to 100% guarantee adding you to his funnel will NOT harm your partner's conversion rate ... so you can easily overcome their #1 objection!)...
  4. A list of proven paying clients in your niche is the best list possible - right? Wrong! MEMBERSHIP SITES are an even better source because of their ever-growing list of customers who repeatedly prove their purchasing power, month after month. See how to gracefully integrate your offer into these sites so you can siphon those 'Super Customers' most effectively...
  5. How To Get Top-Notch, Virtually Endless Referrals From Book Authors (And how to piggyback on their promotional efforts forever!).
  6. How to Keep the Relationship Going with Your Most Important JV Partners : You'll see whether you should treat them like a 'client', a 'media contact', or a girl you'd like to marry! And you'll learn what to do when a promotion flops and see how to ensure they stay happy no matter what!
Who is Dr. Glenn Livingston Anyway...
Glenn Livingston, Ph.D., is a psychologist by training, but spent most of his career as a marketing consultant and coach and ... He not only built a 65 person practice in record time, but his companies have sold over $30,000,000 worth of services to Fortune 500 firms. (You may have heard him on ABC or CBS radio, seen him on TV, or read about him in The New York Times, The New York Daily News, and/or Crain's NY Business), here are just a few of the companies he consulted to:
A T & T Exxon Novartis/Ciba
American Express Flagship Banks Ortho McNeil
Astra Zeneca Ford Motor P & G
Bausch & Lomb Company Pfizer
Burger King General Mills Pharmacia
Chase Gore Pillsbury
Citibank J Walter Roche
Colgate-Palmolive Thompson Sara Lee
Grey Advtg Kodak Unilever
Hallmark Kraft Warner
Hunt Wesson Lipton Lambert
J & J M & M/Mars Nextel
Master Card JJill

While working with these 800 pound gorillas, he quietly used the skills he developed to discover little untapped markets...which he could enter using his research, marketing and JV methods.

What were his results...
Over $250,000 Selling Little $10 eBooks & Audios
And that's just the start. Some of the little niches he went into include:
  • How to care for pet guinea pigs, rabbits, frogs, and goats (he sold over $250,000 worth of e-books and audios--each one for under $10--that's a lot of piggy books!)
  • Reading body language (another $100K--$14.95 at a time)
  • How To Solve Sudoku Puzzles (he built a whole company around this one with a partner, it quickly had 100,000+ subscribers!)
  • And a whole range of other issues, like dealing with radon problems, waste water management, etc
LEGAL: It's unlikely you'll achieve the same explosive growth shown above because Glenn had a lifetime of marketing experience behind him when he started and a unique set of resources to draw upon. And the above graph does not exclusively represent joint venture efforts. Regardless, you WILL definitely get the full force of both his marketing knowledge, along with a 100% money back guarantee if you don't believe you've been given profit doubling advice for ANY reason - no questions asked.
What's included in the training
You'll get everything listed below ...
But to make the pie even sweeter, we've prepared these bonuses for you...
Bonus #1: The "Perfect JV
Request" Email Template
I received this email from one of my subscribers. And it was so good I now use it as the template for all my JV requests.

This email template is .
  • Professional
  • Respectful
  • Shows the value of the offer without exaggerating and without creating unrealistic expectations
  • Includes the most powerful kind of proof in the most concise way
  • Includes a call for action
  • Interesting
  • Short and to the point
And you can adapt it to your product/list in just 5 minutes
Bonus #2: Creating Products Through Joint
Ventures - Interview With Yoav Ezer
Yoav is one of my top students and the only one to have ever convinced me to partner with him and open a joint company. Yoav has also used joint ventures to build a software product he then sold to tens of thousands of customers. To date, that product grossed more than $4,000,000 in sales : In this interview we will reveal
  • How Yoav built a complete software product that has now sold over 50,000 copies by using joint ventures
  • The techniques Yoav used to convince me to not only partner up with him but also to open a joint company
  • We discussed how Yoav could have applied the techniques covered in this training to double the sales of software product he developed
  • A 3-question survey Yoav and I use to create complete and thorough information products from scratch
  • And more.
Bonus #3: Outsourcing JVs and More - Interview
With Jack Born (Perry Marshall's Affiliate Manager)
Jack is one of the most respected and experience affiliate managers in the industry and in this tell-all interview he reveals:
  • What you need to have in place in order to outsource your JV work
  • What you need to offer to an affiliate manager
  • The types of products you want to have to attract the best affiliates
  • A Shortcut to connect with thought leaders in your field (and how to contact them to get the best results)
  • How to approach someone cold
  • And much more.
Here's the deal...
For a limited time "Joint Venture Fast Track" costs only $97 (one-time payment).

Since no one is providing serious, thorough training on this subject, we want to get the lion's-share of the market. That's why we are launching at a very low price ... To get as many people on board as possible. Once we reach our sales goal, the price will increase dramatically.

But before you purchase, I have to be totally honest with you ... this training is not for everyone.

If you are deadly afraid of connecting with people and you only want to be the 'ghost behind the ads' then you should probably avoid purchasing this training.

While this training shows you exactly how to contact joint venture partners without begging and without adopting a sales-person attitude, if the idea of interacting with people scares you then you should probably avoid this training.

However, if you can manage a friendly email exchange with other human beings then you should jump on the band wagon right away...

Don't Decide Today ... Try Out "Joint Venture Fast Track" For 60 Days With a Full Money Back Guarantee
Claim your copy of Joint Venture Fast Track now.

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Put your new joint venture skills to work for you.

If, for any reason, you aren't completely satisfied for up to 60 days (by which time you could have already launched 2 profitable joint ventures), just contact my support ticket system. There's nothing to return since the course is fully digital. I personally guarantee you a full refund. No questions asked. No hassles. No problems at all.

And you get to keep the "Joint Ventures Step-by-Step Guide" PDF as my gift to you for giving it a try.

How can I afford to be so generous? I've used joint ventures to produce millions in revenue.and I'm confident the magic in this new system will work for you.

Think about it ... How will it feel knowing you send an email to a friend and generated cash out of "thin air"?
The BIG question is ... How much time will it take you to partner with decent, fun to work with, hardworking partners?
Will you wait until it happens naturally (if at all) or will you skill-up and take care of business? Because...

For less than the weekly coffee budget of an average New-Yorker you can know exactly how to snatch the best JV partners before your competitors get their dirty little hands on them.

And if you apply just a bit of what you learn then in a couple of weeks you can have your first ally.

And in six months you could be leading a powerful group of partners to conquer your market together.


Dr. Glenn Livingston

Remember, I can show you how to create evergreen joint ventures that produce leads and profits year after year. And these joint ventures can also help you build new products.